Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still Searching

Someone posted on one of the comments, that the search for your biological parent is emotional. That person is very correct. It seems, that you can search a little and then you need to take a break. I have taken a break for a number of months, but am now continuing. I have contacted a private investigator, that may be agreeing to assist me in my search. I find it frustrating that the donor conceived have so little access to information in our search. It just is not fair.

In researching, more and more, it seems that other Countries are moving forward by leaps and bounds, as to opening the doors to donor conceived children to find out information regarding their biological parents. I would think, that the USA would be more progressive in this.

I sometimes feel like shouting at those people who are entering into the infertility clinics using donors " Do you know what you are doing?" I wish I could sit down with every care provider and donor, and tell them my experience and thoughts. Having taken a course on beginning of life issues and ethics, prior to finding out that I was donor conceived, I have very strong opinions regarding donor conception, which now conflict with my own conception. A real ethical dilemma...

But, by God's grace, I am here and as a wise Rabbi said to me "your life is a gift".


  1. And a big part of that gift is the lesson you have to share

  2. Hello,

    As someone who is truly and honestly struggling with thinking of becoming a mother using donor sperm (open id)I would love to hear what you have to say.

    You said you would like to say something to those considering it as well as health care providers- please share.

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