Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things Are Progressing

Thank you to the replies regarding my blog. I feel like I am making a little progress. I decided to try and purchase some of the yearbooks from the years that my biological father was potentially in med school. I would have loved to have just gone to the school and taken a view of the yearbooks, but, they do not allow the public to access them. I went on eBay, searched, and found one right away :) The yearbooks are terrific, because they not only have the students name and picture, but also, information like, if they were married, and had children. I would think that in that era, the 60's, that people probably were not donating if they already had children, but who knows? Anyhow, I decided to contact one of the physicians in this class and ask him, if I could ask some questions. Basically, I just wanted to ask questions about policies surrounding donating at the time, how popular it was, and if he knew my Mom's physician. Well, much to my surprise, when I called, he answered the phone, instead of the receptionist I thought would answer. He said he was retired, so I must have been calling his residence. Anyhow, it really took me by surprise. I froze for a moment and then was brief, to the point and said that I was gathering information. Well, I think that he was more surprised than I, and uncomfortable. He quickly said that he was just getting ready to leave, and when I asked if I should leave my number with him to call later, he quietly said that he would pass on that. I did tell him my name several times, and told him how to get a hold of my via my office. I wonder what he was thinking? Did he think it was a joke? Was he a donor during that time? Was he wanting to protect other donors in his class? Hmmm.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Its been awhile since my last post. The summer has been nice, and it seems that as time goes on, I have been thinking less and less about the big question, who is my biological father? Yes, I still would like to know, but why has the drive I once felt lessened over time. I am grateful, that the photos are back up at the med school where my biological father attended, and therefore, I can resume my search as I was missing some information. As a matter of a fact, I did receive further information that has been just sitting for some days now. Why am I feeling ambivalent? I am sure this is normal. I do often wonder, when walking down the hospital corridor, if my biological father could be practicing in a hospital where I have been, or even in my area, as his med school is about an hour from where I live. Someone, another physician did point out to me recently that during the era when I was conceived, only the smartest, best looking donors were chosen, that did make me feel good :) Hmmm.

Friday, June 26, 2009

DNA and Father's Day

This month I have looked into DNA testing, and have talked with a P.I. specializing in finding biological parents. I found out that the DNA testing, which in my case is to find a biological father, via a potential DNA database match is not available, since people are matched through the Y chromosome traced in males. Also, in speaking with a P.I., who was very nice and sent me some online links, he made it clear that he could not help me, as my biological father is protected since American donors are annonymous (particularly during the 60's). I wanted to shout "How messed up is that?" This was very frustrating, and disheartening. Then there was Father's Day. I wondered how I would feel this Father's Day, having lost the Father I had known all my life and not being able to find the biological Father I hadn't known even existed. Sometimes I look into the mirror and look at features definitly not of my Mother and try to imagine what my biological father looks like. Maybe someday I'll know.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Good Meeting..

I met another person also looking for her donor Dad. It was nice to meet someone else also looking. I am always taken back by people's responses that do not understand why someone would want to know who their biological father is in my situation? You would think it would be obvious that 1/2 your medical history and family history is missing and then there is just plain curiosity. In my case, there are potential genetic traits that I probably should have been screened for during my pregnancy as a potential carrier. The search goes on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No, I Don't Know ALL My Medical History..

Today I went for a routine phyician visit. I had to change my medical history form and wrote unknown for my Father's medical history. There is a blank spot there now, as there is in my heart. I am compiling a data base of potential donors from the information I have researched. I have joined a website for Offspring of donors.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Off On A Journey

Helpfulness, not an attribute most people have when you are searching for someone who was to be annonymous. I went to the school where my donor Dad graduated and attempted to get information to begin my attempt to figure out who he is/was. The limited information I have is at least a start. Does he know I exist? Would he want to know? Do I look like him? I did manage to get many names of graduates today in the potential time era of my conception.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Unbelievable..Or Is It?

In an instant my life changed. Poof, just like that. All I had thought and known changed. This was the day I was told that my Dad was biologically not my Dad. Strange, or was it? Certainly there were differences I noticed growing up and even inquired about, but now in my 40's had let go of the notion. But, it was true. In the wake of tragedy, a family death, the truth was told. As shocking as this was, it was also an "ah ha" moment. I was the offspring of a sperm donor. A med student sperm donor, a different religion than the one I had been brought up in. Who is he? The seach begins.