Friday, June 26, 2009

DNA and Father's Day

This month I have looked into DNA testing, and have talked with a P.I. specializing in finding biological parents. I found out that the DNA testing, which in my case is to find a biological father, via a potential DNA database match is not available, since people are matched through the Y chromosome traced in males. Also, in speaking with a P.I., who was very nice and sent me some online links, he made it clear that he could not help me, as my biological father is protected since American donors are annonymous (particularly during the 60's). I wanted to shout "How messed up is that?" This was very frustrating, and disheartening. Then there was Father's Day. I wondered how I would feel this Father's Day, having lost the Father I had known all my life and not being able to find the biological Father I hadn't known even existed. Sometimes I look into the mirror and look at features definitly not of my Mother and try to imagine what my biological father looks like. Maybe someday I'll know.