Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Denying Donor Conception

Well, as much as I try to forget or deny the news three years ago of the way I was conceived it just comes back to mind. This knowledge, as "ah ha" and confirming as it was, has also caused a great deal of anxiety. So, I decided to spend time having a session with a therapist, listed on the donor sibling registry website who specializes in issues surrounding donor conceived children. (she is in San Francisco, but does phone sessions) She was terrific, and it was nice to be able to talk with someone who already knows about donor conception issues and the emotions involved. I have also since spoken with other donor conceived people and have joined an email and a FB group. But, more than not, I seem to be one of the few that does not agree with donor conception and find myself getting annoyed at some of the comments and posts. I also was able to see the recently aired "Sperm Donor", and I wanted to say to him "Hello...what were you thinking"? But, that is the problem, people are not thinking. They are not thinking of genetic information that might be important medically to the offspring that is not being told due to the donor not revealing it, or anonymity, not thinking of future emotions of everyone involved or the future well being of those children. I find it very frustrating that such thoughts don't cross people's minds when choosing to participate in donor conception.
I have not been searching recently for my biological father, as life has been busy, but am considering doing one of the genetic tests offered to those who are adopted, or have little information regarding their genetic origin. It seems like a big step to do this, as I thought I knew who I was inside and out, and now I have to questions that. I do believe that I was created for a purpose and I thank God for that, and take comfort in knowing that HE knows who I am :)
For those of you reading this and potentially going through your own search, I have to say that this is a process that brings much emotion, so time is your friend.