Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Been A Year

Well, its been a year. I have researched, ordered year books, and have now began to ask people questions, but still no idea who my biological Father is. What have I learned? That this subject scares the people of that era and that everyone is very tight lipped. Did they all take a pact to not say a word? Don't they know how important, someone's biological, and cultural heritage? Well, the search goes on :) I look at old photos, and while I appreciate the love and care my Dad gave me, I still long to know my biological historyl


  1. Hi offspringgirl - Hang in there! I have been writing about my our own journey to find my biological father and its a tireless endeavor. I think the tiring part is a result of the emotions involved and less the actual work. So much of life is exploring and understanding who we are. This search is a handicapped effort to do just that - get the pieces of our puzzle so that we can put it together. There are many many people in your situation out there, so like I said, hold on and while it may seem patronizing - enjoy the process. The process is part of who you are.

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