Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things Are Progressing

Thank you to the replies regarding my blog. I feel like I am making a little progress. I decided to try and purchase some of the yearbooks from the years that my biological father was potentially in med school. I would have loved to have just gone to the school and taken a view of the yearbooks, but, they do not allow the public to access them. I went on eBay, searched, and found one right away :) The yearbooks are terrific, because they not only have the students name and picture, but also, information like, if they were married, and had children. I would think that in that era, the 60's, that people probably were not donating if they already had children, but who knows? Anyhow, I decided to contact one of the physicians in this class and ask him, if I could ask some questions. Basically, I just wanted to ask questions about policies surrounding donating at the time, how popular it was, and if he knew my Mom's physician. Well, much to my surprise, when I called, he answered the phone, instead of the receptionist I thought would answer. He said he was retired, so I must have been calling his residence. Anyhow, it really took me by surprise. I froze for a moment and then was brief, to the point and said that I was gathering information. Well, I think that he was more surprised than I, and uncomfortable. He quickly said that he was just getting ready to leave, and when I asked if I should leave my number with him to call later, he quietly said that he would pass on that. I did tell him my name several times, and told him how to get a hold of my via my office. I wonder what he was thinking? Did he think it was a joke? Was he a donor during that time? Was he wanting to protect other donors in his class? Hmmm.

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